September 14, 2017

Follow the moth

A frame from a short animation about a foolish moth. "Foolish Moth" animation by Dismas, is an entry for the FlipaClip app., Tell Her I Love Her Band new music Unravel MusicVideo AnimationContest
The youtube link to the animation,
This animation was animated at 12 frames per second and drawn in the frame by frame animation technique.

I am an artist, animator, and author, who enjoys the illusion of making art move, animation. I enjoy to animate digitally in the traditional style, frame by frame. Frame by frame means that every movement is shown by redrawing each frame then are shown in sequence to give the appearance of movement. There are other animation techniques like sand animation, stopmotion animation, puppet animation and many more. An example of 2D puppet animation, is where the character is drawn in 2D and rigged with digital bones to be manipulated like a puppet, then every frame is keyed in sequence to show movement. To me, there is a wonderous enjoyment in the tedium of drawing the same thing over and over and over with tiny adjustments to the drawing and 24 drawings later you have one second. I love it.

If you enjoy hand drawn, original animation, We invite you to our youtube channel for more, and be sure to subscribe to stay updated on the latest animation,

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