September 19, 2017

An animation sketch frame of a butterfly

A sketch frame from the short animation about a foolish moth who falls in love with a butterfly. Animation by Dismas.

See it on Youtube,

This was an entry to a FlipaClip animation android application contest. It was animated at 12 frames per second in a hand drawn frame by frame animation technique. Frame by frame means that for every movement a character makes, a separate drawing is needed. This is my preferred method of animating because I feel it's more labor intensive and really helps me develop my drawing skills. I mean after the first second of... lets say 24 drawing of one character, you're sure to be able to draw that character with your eyes closed.  Although frame by frame animating is my favorite style to work in, I do enjoy the process of animating in other ways like stop motion, digital 2D puppet, and experimental.

I am an artist, animator, and author and together with my wife we have an indie studio called GrisDismation and we produce original art and animation. Along with original animated content we also help others develop their ideas into animation. Need an animated commercial, need a storyboard for your indie film, have an idea for a web series? Contact us to find out how we can help you get your animated project off the ground. We have over 13 years professional art and animation production experience and have worked with both indie and TV producers.

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