September 18, 2017

An animation frame of a butterfly.

An animation frame from a short about a foolish moth who falls in love with a butterfly.  "Foolish Moth" animation, is an entry for the FlipaClip app Tell Her I Love Her band Unravel Music Video Animation Contest. 

See it on Youtube,

This was animated frame by frame digitally hand drawn at 12 frames per second to make for smooth almost slowmotion effect from the butterfly, moth, and tongue strike of the hungry chameleon. I used the slow motion effect to accentuate the movements these amazing insects utilize to gracefully become air born. I also carefully observed and used as reference several slowmotion videos from you tube, ya know, to give it a natural insect flight. 

My name is Dismas and I am an artist, animator, and author. With my wife GrissyG, we work as GrisDismation to produce original art and animation. Animation or what some refer to as cartoons are a visual art medium used for entertainment, promotion, games and more. If you have an idea, commercial or short film that needs to be brought to life in an animation, GrisDismation can help you develop your vision from concept to completion with a unique art style to make it stand out and have lasting appeal. 

Want us to help you with your animated project, from script, story boards to finale completion, we would be happy to hear from you contact us,

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