October 15, 2018

GrisDismation Animating For Pooling

GrissyG and Dismas from GrisDismation storyboarding for "Pooling" a film by Dawn Westlake.

Some years ago, GrisDismation/GrissyG and Dismas had the good opportunity to work on storyboards alongside Director/Producer, Dawn Westlake for her next film titled "Pooling." Fast forward to now 2018, GrisDismation, GrissyG and Dismas,  are animating the beginning and ending sequence to Dawn Westlake's new hybrid live-action/animated breakdance film starring Marcitus, produced by Ron De Cana Productions, Inc. with Imatge Barcelona and music by Joan Armand Forero. Keep an eye out for more on "Pooling."

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