September 24, 2009

"Masks" Paintings by Artist GrissyG, inspired by African masks.

Title: Queen Mask

Acrylics on 20 x 20 inches Masonite board by Artist GrissyG.

   "Masks" by GrissyG is a series of paintings inspired by African masks photographed at the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena, California. "Masks" was painted utilizing a pallet of mainly complimentary colors to create an emphasis on the tribal paints from the actual African masks. "Queen Mask," Prince Mask," and "King Mask" is a triptych painted on 20 x 20 inches Masonite board and is the first three of the series. The final piece incorporates elements from the first three such as decorative patterns, colors, and features accented with more of my expressive touch to create a metaphorical union of the three. "Queen Empress Mask" is painted on a larger 40 x 40 inches stretched canvas to express it's hierarchy in union.

We are posting one piece to the series a day, in total there are four, stay tuned.

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