September 16, 2009

Animation tutorial.

Click on the tutorial to make it larger.

This is an animation tutorial GrissyG and I put together.
It offers a few helpful tips on producing an animation. 
There are many stages in the animation process. 
From our own concoction in the animation laboratory 
it is best to follow most of the steps as it will help make
the animation far less painful in the editing stage and it
will look cooler.

As with any Art, animation is a creative medium that is 
organic and can take many forms. Therefore, one can 
always make their rules where they feel fit. 
Remember, the important thing to do is, make it happen 
and always put your best into your Art. 
Feel free to share this tutorial with your fellow animators 
post it on your blogs, web pages or somewhere cool especially  
for educational purposes. Just remember to include our 
copyright info.

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